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Famifit Challenge
Ghost 360 Campaign

Fitbit has become the #1 fitness tracker company with close to no advertising up to a year ago. But with the arrival of several serious competitors on the market such as Jawbone, Misfit, Withings and even Apple, how can the brand stay on top ?

The Famifit Challenge by Fitbit is a friendly competition between friends and relatives. A viral video and a declination in 3 short TV ads are there to show everyone how fun it is to be a part of a challenge in family, inciting people to sign up.

To drive people to the viral video, print ads would be displayed in various cities and in magazines awakening the competitive instinct in each and everyone of us thanks to provocative headlines such as :

  • "Fitter than your parents ?"
  • "Fitter than your grandma ?"
  • "Fitter than your little brother ?"

"Prove it by joining the Famifit Challenge"

There will also be web ads and banners placed on various health and lifestyle websites for the same purposes.

A street marketing campaign is also pictured in the Case Study.

Signing up is easy from Fitbit's website or Fitbit's official app. Once subscribed, the dashboard is available on both platforms. The official smartphone app is the perfect environment to insert this campaign because people can immediately familiarize themselves with the product even without a bracelet thanks to the phone's tracking abilities.

This is a solo project.